no but really i'm barely functional
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Welcome to my Tumblr. Feel free to pick and click one of the tabs for more information. If not, the nutshell is I'm an avid gamer and artist, soon to aim for becoming a concept artist for games in the near future.

i cant think of a clever post to make so here’s shitty text post as my queue fills up

hope you all have nice weekend


Devil’s Bridge or Die-Rakotzbrücke in Germany. The Devil’s Bridge (Rakotzbrücke) was built almost 150 years ago, back in 1860. Because of the unique construction accuracy, the bridge and its reflection merge into a perfect circle, regardless of the point of observation. Devil’s Bridge is a term applied to dozens of ancient bridges, found primarily in Europe. Most of these bridges are stone or masonry arch bridges and represent a significant technological achievement. Each of the Devil’s Bridges has a corresponding Devil-related myth or folktale.



Imagine if GLaDOS sounded like Linda from Bob’s Burgers.


Parents’ association

hunter reference sheet x

Favorite Mass Effect Moments ✖︎ Glyph: The Morale Drone


The new, cutdown ability list for every class in WoD.


Us Titans don’t need to participate in the Destiny fashion war because we have more important things to do like be awesome and save the universe


For more posts like these, go visit psych2go

Psych2go features various psychological findings and myths. In the future, psych2go attempts to include sources to posts for the purpose of generating discussions and commentaries. This will give readers a chance to critically examine psychology.

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Paolo Girardi, 2013







Fasting and furious 5

When it’s almost Iftar time and you’re not home

The Eid for speed

Fajr in 60 seconds

Jet Imaam - Every prayer on time

Here you go. A list of the same overused games edited into one photoset except with a more inspirational quote.


ways to give me anxiety:

  1. sit next to me while im on the computer
  2. say “i need to talk to you”
  3. read my messages and dont reply

Well alright let’s see. Some organization would do me wonders here.

  • Update Thal’s blog
  • Update Draugar’s blog
  • Get new personal theme
  • Icons for young FC
  • Finish drawing (when does that EVER happen tho amirite)
  • uh
  • probably something I forgot.

Hooray for busy